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Tell me lies but hold me tight, just don't, don't let me be lonely tonight.

♥I was falling in love but now Im only falling apart♥

I wish I was Forest Gump
29 August
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Im crazy,
sarcastic, stubborn,
deep, a thinker, taken,
in love, music-loving, a chocoholic,
a friend to some, hated by others, funny,
random, a clutz, clumsy, a redhead, an adrenaline junky,
a skater, a nerd, a geek, a dumbass, a metalhead, a rock chick,
loud, social, a computer geek, fiery, feisty, a fighter, a lover, a movie addict,
a fan, a singer, a writer, a guitarist, confused, happy, young, eccentric, someone to talk to,
a good listener, talkative, lonely, loved, caring, finding myself, buddhist, wiccan, spiritual, sexual, wierd,
slightly strange, a perv, someone who cares, someone who would do anything for a friend,
childish, mature, friendly, wondering, soaring above the clouds, high, a dancer,
helpful, in need of help, thin, fat, ugly, pretty, wild, an artist, young at heart,
arty farty, dutch, english, gifted with languages, frightening, strong,
likeable, stylish, modern, a role model, a babysitter,
gonna be a good mother, not a virgin, not straight,
into psychology, innocent, experimenting,
a poet, a Nirvana fan, a wannabe,
a good girlfriend, sweet,
laughing at myself,

Love me, Hate me, Both - Choice is yours.

I LIKE Listening to peoples rants ~~ smiling and crying at the same time ~~ getting caught in the rain ~~ getting hugs from people who dont really know me that well ~~ black eyeliner ~~ having a stitch from laughing =D ~~ rainbows ~~ sad songs that make me cry ~~ feeling strong arms around me ~~ little kisses ~~ big hugs ~~ having sweet nothings whispered in my ears ~~ long goodbyes when you know you'll meet again ~~ sad moments that will see smiles ~~ chocolate fondue ~~ lying on the sofa on a cold winter day drinking cocoa ~~ warm fuzzy feelings ~~ being confused~~ hurting myself and having someone to kiss it better ~~ bondage ~~ being able to make people laugh at me ~~ sundays at church thinking; "im not supposed to be here" ~~ dancing in the rain ~~ long hours talking to random people online ~~ trying and failing to be stupid in a "cute" way ~~ pondering ~~ confusing myself by wondering what life is about ~~ dark eyes ~~ meeting people i can think; wow, theyre wierd! and then laugh at my hypocritical self ~~ crying with laughter ~~ rushing to the toilet after laughing so much ~~ making other people laugh ~~ red liquorice ~~ snowy days when you have a camera at hand

created by[info] hungerbound

What good is it. What good will it do to tell you how I feel every moment of the day. I mean... What will it do for you. So you can feel sorry for me? Yeah well I don't take to kind to sorrow or pity for that matter either. It hurts, I wont lie to you and say that it doesn't hurt but intensifying ever little detail does not even for one second lessen the pain.

What do you want me to do? What? You're just sitting there telling me everything that's wrong with me and everything that hurts me like I don't already know. Don't you know that what you're pointing out is completely pointless. I know what's wrong with me, why don't you try telling me something I don't know?

Brandon Boyd is Love

I decided not to lie to myself anymore.